A real experience in the DAO-NFT build! Moodyverse

The 608 Moody Genesis will be released as a startup.

About us

What is Moody ?

A project that will correspond to the token that the project owners spend without thinking of the community. All liquidity transferred to the Community wallet will be spent according to the result of the DAO voting.

Utility : Staked $MOODY

You will be able to spend your $MOODY tokens on whitelist points in other projects. Also you will need to spend $MOODY to participate in the Holder Giveaway and newly released Moody 2nd collection will be minted with $MOODY coin.

608 Supply

Our first Genesis collection will be released with a 608 supply. There will be 10 legendary in our collection.

Dao Mechanism

On a regular weekly basis, Creater Fees will be transferred to wallets and the Holders-only Giveaway will be based on DAO voting.


Moody Timeline

Q2 2022
  • Discord Launch
  • WL distributition
  • The 608 Moody Genesis 1 will be released as a starter collection
  • Magic Eden Listing
Q3 2022
  • $MOODY token launch
  • Collabs for WL market
  • Spending $MOODY for WL’s
  • $MOODY liquidity will be ?
  • NFT staking for $MOODY
Q4 2022
  • Roadmap 1.0 concludes with the first Moody entering Play to Earn.
  • Our entire ecosystem is about to open up as we connect your NFTs and upload your
  • $MOODY tokens to a daily sim metaverse.
Q2 2022
  • Build Moodyverse
  • Special channels will be opened for those who follow the Ethereum & Solana networks exclusive to holders.
  • NFT News
  • Crypto News
  • Solana NFT Alpha Call
  • Ethereum NFT Alpha Call
  • Crypto Call
Q4 2022
  • ETH/BSC integration for $MOODY
  • MOODY GNSS 2 launch also can mint with $MOODY
  • P2E game available, play with $MOODY
  • Priority for GNSS1 Holders

Our team

Meet our TEAM

Who we are

We are a team that has been working on integrating DAO on NFT for a long time.

  • We are ready, are you?






    Community Manager


    Community Manager


    Marketing Manager




    Looking for answers?

    What is the MOODY ?

    Moody is a collection of 608 unique NFTs born on the Solana blockchain and has many utilities. Moodys creates every Mood with its own character and uniqueness.

    Where can I get my MOODY ?

    You can mint the MOODYs ONLY on the official website which will be announced via official Twitter and Discord channels as a direct link. Please be careful not to be scammed. We will also provide a secondary market after the public mint is done.

    How many MOODY will be around ?

    There will be 608 unique Moody to be minted in total.

    What can I do with my MOODY ?

    Moody is an NFT collection of unique pieces that combine fine art and strong community belief. You can enjoy passive income system specially designated into your Moody NFTs.

    When is the launch date?

    The perfect launch date will be announced in a short time on both of our official Twitter and Discord channels.